Isaac Rutledge of Pennsylvania

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By Jean Ann Ables-Flatt


There are almost as many variations of the Rutledge Family trees here in the United States as there are researchers. A combination of proof driven traditional genealogy and DNA testing have given this writer the assurance that Isaac Rutledge who died in Cumberland County Pennsylvania is my 6th great grandfather. Isaac was not a Quaker. Not only does he not appear on any Quaker records (which do exist for the time period), but his will[1] begins with “In the Name of God Amen”.[2] No Quaker would swear or take an oath using God’s name. Neither his son, Matthew nor his son John (whom I will discuss later) were Quakers as they too began their wills with the above oath.[3]

Isaac first appears receiving a 150 acres Land Grant in Philadelphia Co. PA. in 1737.[4] Robert Rosborough’s first land warrant was in Philadelphia Co. PA in 1734. Isaac and Robert remained neighbors the rest of their lives and Robert Roseborough, Jr. married Isaac’s daughter, Eleanor.[5]

At the Society of Friends Exeter Monthly Meeting held at Maiden Creek on 24th Nov 1743 [Quaker Calendar – 9th month] Robert Roseborough requested to join the Society of Friends and Isaac Starr was assigned to speak to him.[6] He later requested a transfer to Warrington Monthly Meeting, York, PA.[7]

Next Isaac Rutledg(e)’s and Robert Roseborough’s signatures appear on a petition to the Court of Quarter Sessions in Philadelphia County held in 1746 requesting the Township of Maidencreek be formed.[8] The text of the Petition mentions land of Matthew Rutledge and Robert Roseborough and others.[9][10] These petitioners would be neighbors of Isaac and possibly immigrated with him.

On the first Tuesday of February 1747, (Feb 14) Isaac Rutledge, Matthew Rutledge and William Rutledge (both sons of Isaac)[11] and inhabitants of the west side of Susquehanna (River) appear on a petition in Lancaster Co. PA Court of Quarter Sessions.[12] Lancaster had been a county since 1729. Previously at the October Quarter session, 1747[13]: “The road began at Rutledge’s mill on the Yellow Breeches (the first mill in that section)………” Andrew Miller, Junior also appears on that petition. He became Isaac’s son-in-law.[14]

A week and a day after signing the petition, Matthew Rutledge wrote his will on 22 Feb 1747. It was probated two years later.[15] His will gives many genealogical clues. One was that most likely he was the eldest son of Isaac as he is willing his “well beloved brother, William Rutledge” his share of the mill and plantation equal with his father.[16]

Cumberland County, PA was formed out of Lancaster Co. PA in 1750 so many of the people who lived in Cumberland County, PA after 1750 may have never moved. The name of the county changed.

“Charles Pippin settled on ‘Pippin’s Tract’s’ on Yellow Breeches (creek) in or before 1742. West of him, on the same stream, were John Campbell, who had a mill, ………Andrew and John Miller…..” [17] To reinforce this information, there is documented evidence that on 08 October 1742, application was made to John Penn, Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, Esq’rs, Proprietaries and Governors in Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania for warrant of land by Andrew Miller, Charles Pippin and John Campbell. Land that had originally been surveyed for Robert Wilkin, of the County of Lancaster was resurveyed and divided between Miller, Pippin and Campbell.[18] These names are interesting as Andrew Miller, Jr. and Charles Pippin are witnesses for Matthew Rutledge’s will along with Matthew Dill who was also a neighbor.[19]

A surprise name surfaced in this research: James Rutledge. In the administration of estates of Cumberland Co. PA.[20] on 3 Oct 1750, letters of Administration were granted to Charles Campbell of the Goods and Chattels of James Rutledge deceased. He is not listed on any tax list or petition. He is not named as a sibling in Matthew Rutledge’s will.

Isaac Rutlidge and Robert Rosborough/Roseberry were on the East Pennsborough [newly formed Cumberland Co.] Tax List of 1750. Pennsborough when first named as a township in 1735 was in then Lancaster County. “The very early settlers, here, as elsewhere in the county, were Scotch-Irish.”[21] Robert Rosborough and John Rutledge were on the East Pennsborough in 1753 but the township of Allen was formed and the same year of 1753, John Rutle(d)ge, Isaac Rutle(d)ge and Robert Rosborough appear on that list. [22] Some of the other early Scots Irish settlers listed on the Allen tax roll were neighbors such as the Starr, Trindle, Wilson, Miller families. Later residents were German and Swiss families.[23]

Isaac Rutledge, Sr. wrote his will on 21 May 1760. So, he was deceased by August 1760, the date of the will’s probation. Thus, this taxpayer must be Isaac Rutledge II who married Jane Finney in Cumberland Co. PA on 15 April 1760[24] as Isaac Rictlick (sic) is listed with 50 acres of warranted land in Allen in 1763. [25] John Rutlish (sic) is in West Pennsborough Township with 100 Unwarranted land. 1764, in Allen, Isaac Ruthich (sic) 50 ac of warranted land. In the meantime, both Isaac II and John Rutledge, Jr., sons of John Rutledge and grandsons of the original Isaac were busy accumulating land.[26] Isaac Rutledge II was deeded land by William Trindle on 15 Oct 1760 in Allen and from Alexander Trindle 16 Feb 1767 in Allen.[27] The last time Isaac appears on the Allen tax list is 1766.[28] This would be in keeping with the entry in the Administrators Docket of giving Letters of Administration to Jane Rutledge of the estate of Isaac Rutledge on 26 Dec 1767 who apparently died intestate between February and December 1767.[29] He had sons William and James. More about them later.

Children of Isaac Rutledge Sr. as inferred by his will and his son, Matthew’s will:

Eleanor Rutledge who married Robert Rosborough, Jr.
Ann Rutledge who married Robert Johnson
Elizabeth Rutledge who married Andrew Miller, Jr.
Mary Rutledge who married Thomas Evans
Matthew Rutledge who died 1749 in Lancaster Co. PA with no children
William Rutledge who is mentioned in Matthew’s will as brother but not mentioned in father’s will. He was the one to whom Matthew left his ½ portion of the mill and plantation. There is no evidence of his dying in either Lancaster or Cumberland Co. PA. He may be the William Rutledge that appears in Rowan Co. NC on the 1759 Tax List.[30] A William Rutledge died in Surry Co. NC in 1771.
*John Rutledge who married Elenor [Unknown]. Executor of his father’s will.

For the purposes of this study, John Rutledge is the son that is of interest and to prove he is the John Rutledge whose will was probated in Rowan North Carolina in 1774.[31]

John Rutledge’s will holds the key as to the connection that he is the son of Isaac Rutledge of Cumberland Co. PA who died in 1760. He names his wife, Elenor in the will. [the below deed shows that Elenor is the wife of John Rutledge of Cumberland Co. PA]. He bequeaths his wife Elenor 15 pounds Pennsylvania money upon Robert Roseburg in Pennsylvania. [his brother-in-law]. “Bequeath to son John Rutledge (Jr.) the land and improvement hereon I now live and provided he will (pay) the sum of money I am endebted (sic) to Isaac Rutledge’s children now living with John Turnbull….”.[32] .The McCubbin Collection of NC records has a small notation: “Jane Rutledge to JohnTurnbull March 5, 1772 signed by John Rutledge.” It is assumed this is a marriage.

Also, deeds in Cumberland Co. PA play a part. “John Rutledge, executor of estate of Isaac Rutledge, dec, grants to John Lusk 52 pounds. Some land, with this comment…The within bargained premises (the sawmill excepted…30 Aug 1760.”[33] “John Rutledge of Cumberland County & wife Elenor: Grant to Amos Strettnell, Samuel Morris, merchants of City of Philadelphia, John Armstrong, of Carlisle, and John Morris Jr. Atty Phil. 55 pounds plus 60 acres 18 poles of land in Middleton Twp. May 31, 1769.[34]

Soon after this John and his family migrated to Rowan County, NC. John’s will identifies his children and again is the documenting proof to my next generational ancestor.

Isaac Rutledge – born ca 1735. Died Cumberland Co. PA – Between Feb and Dec 1767. Isaac had son, William, with 1st wife, Mary [Unknown]. William Rutledge was born June 1756, Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA. He first appears in Rowan, Co NC where on 02 Aug 1775, he chooses David Caldwell for his guardian.[35] He served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He settled in Wilkes Co. NC where he married Chloe Johnson. They migrated to Tennessee and he lived in Williamson Co. TN, Maury Co, and Wayne Co. TN where he died after applying for a pension ca 1834[36]. A great amount of information is contained in this pension application. Isaac Rutledge had also a son, James, with 2nd wife, Jane Finney. James Rutledge was born Cumberland Co. PA in 1762.[37]
John Rutledge (Jr)– born ca 1737 – Pennsylvania – [will written 1802] died 1806 Rowan Co. NC. Married Ann [Unknown]. Had children: Able; Margaret; Susannah; Ann; Prudence (married Thomas Renshaw).[38] In son, Able’s [Abel] will who died 1816 he mentions brother-in-law, William Gay and mentions his sisters [not by name] and brother, Isaac Rutledge. His father, John Jr. did not mention an Isaac as a son in his will. [39] Perhaps he had a son between 1802 when he wrote the will and 1806 when he died.
James Rutledge – died 1813 Rowan Co. NC. Married Ruth [Unknown] Had children: Daniel; Meriam, wife of Joseph Roberson; Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Forecum; Ruth, wife of Reuben Parker; Matilda, wife of Benjamin Gatten and James Rutledge. Names of children from Will written 1809.[40] Is this information for James, son of John Sr. or James, son of Isaac?
Susanna Rutledge
* Joseph Rutledge – born ca 1749, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania – married Elizabeth Speer -11 Aug 1772 in Rowan Co. NC. [41] born ca 1751-1760 (daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Speer), Somerset, Maryland.

It has now been proved with information from above that Joseph Rutledge is the son of John Rutledge and grandson of Isaac Rutledge of Cumberland Co. PA. i.e.; will of John Rutledge, marriage in Rowan Co. NC and the indisputable fact of DNA match. There is a Y-DNA match on FTDna of Ed Rutledge to numerous Rutledge males who descend from this Joseph Rutledge.[42] His documented lineage has been proven back to William Rutledge, son of Isaac II, who applied for a pension in Wayne Co. TN and states he was born near Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA in 1756.

Joseph and Elizabeth, along with many of the Speers family, including her father, Jacob Speer, brothers Jacob (Jr) Henry Speer and Benjamin Speer moved into the new county of Surry which was carved out of Rowan Co. in 1770.[43] On 20 Sept 1779, Joseph received a land grant from the State of North Carolina. Later in life, Joseph’s pension application states that he served in the Surry Co. Militia under Henry Speer[44] and served with Benjamin Speer under the same officers and in the same battles..[45] He also furnished supplies to the army in 1782 so therefore any of his lineal descendants can qualify for Sons of the American Revolution or Daughters of the American Revolution.[46]

Joseph Rutledge and his family are listed on the 1790 Surry Co. NC census five families away from Benjamin Speer.[47] There are 5 males and 3 females. He perhaps had 2 daughters, but their names are unknown. Sometime between 1798 and 1800, Joseph and his family migrated to Clark Co. KY. On 19 May 1798, Joseph Sr. witnessed a deed where John Rutledge sold to brother Henry 100 acres in Surry Co. NC and on 27 Jun 1798, John sold to brother, Jacob 100 acres which Joseph witnessed. Joseph, John, Jacob and Joseph Jr. all appear on the 1800 Clark Co. KY Tax List, but Henry stayed behind for a couple of years. They continue to appear yearly on the Clark Co. KY Tax List through 1817 except Joseph Jr. who disappears off that tax list after 1806. [More about him in the next section.] One of Joseph Sr.’s daughters is most likely the Elizabeth Rutledge who married Isaac Spear on 18 Apr 1810 in Clark Co. KY.

1820 – Cumberland Co. Kentucky census shows Joseph Rutledge over 45 and 3 females in the household. His son Henery Rutledge who is between 26 and 45 is living next door.[48] Benjamin Speer has already been living there since before 1810 having received land grants.[49] Richard Speer had moved there by 1810.[50]

1830 – Cumberland Co. Kentucky census shows Joseph Rutledge age 80 – 90 and Henry, age 50 – 60 is still living next door. Benjamin Speer, Jr. is living close by.

1830 – On 17 Sept 1830, Joseph Rutledge filed for a Revolutionary War Pension and a 300 acres land grant. It was rejected in 1831.[51] He is thought to have died soon after.

Joseph Rutledge and Elizabeth Speer/Spear had the following children:

John Rutledge born ca 1774 – North Carolina – married Ruth Speer
Jacob Rutledge born ca 1776 – North Carolina – married Nancy Margenson
* Joseph Rutledge (Jr.) born ca 1778 – North Carolina – married Winnie Joslin
Henry Rutledge born ca 1780 – North Carolina
Margaret [mentioned in the divorce trial of John Rutledge and Ruth Speer as his sister][52]
The divorce proceedings of John Rutledge, son of Joseph, Sr. from his 2nd wife, Ruth Speer[53], produced some interesting information. Divorce papers prove that John had a son named Henry Rutledge Jr. John’s brothers, Henry Rutledge, Sr. and Jacob are mentioned in the divorce and Jacob mentions that his father lived near the Tennessee Line. John’s sister Margaret mentions that John is her brother and that at the time of the separation she lived in the lower part of the state near the Tennessee line. Henry Rutledge Sr. mentions that he was at his father’s in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Joseph Rutledge, Jr. unlike his brothers, does not appear in the divorce proceedings giving more credence to his being in Alabama as discussed in the next section.

It is inferred through pension application and association with the Speers family that Joseph Rutledge who lived in Cumberland County, KY is one and the same as the Joseph Rutledge who married Elizabeth Speers in Rowan Co. NC, mentioned as son in John Rutledge’s will[54] and moved to neighboring county Surry NC and is the grandson of Isaac Rutledge, the immigrant, of Cumberland PA.

JOSEPH RUTLEDGE II, -NC [ROWAN CO. & SURRY CO.] KY [CLARK, LINCOLN, CASEY, CUMBERLAND Counties *] AL [WALKER CO] – 3rd Great-Grandfather – born ca 1780 Rowan Co. NC; died Walker Co. AL Aug 1859[55]

Richard Speer[56] and Jacob Spears[57] are both in Lincoln Co. KY on the 1800 tax list. John Joslin (Jr.) appears on the Lincoln Co. KY tax list.

Joseph Rutledge, Jr. married Winnie Joslin, daughter of John Joslin (Jr.) 13 Oct 1800 in Lincoln County. Her father gave his consent as she was only 16.[58] Both Richard Speer and Joseph Rutledge put up bond for Joseph Jr. to marry. Richard Speer received a land grant in that part of Lincoln Co. that became Casey Co. Joseph must have traveled to Lincoln Co. (3 counties away) to visit his Speer relatives and fell in love with Winnie Joslin, took her back to Clark Co. until 1807[59] when he returned to that part of Lincoln Co. that became Casey Co. Joseph Rutledge Jr. owned no land[60]. He and Winnie must have lived on her father’s 100 acres on the Green River water course. Joseph served a stint in the Kentucky Militia during the War of 1812.[61]

It is confusing in 1820 to determine where Joseph Rutledge (Jr.) is. Some have suggested he is one of the TWO Joseph Rutledges that appear on the Limestone Co. AL State census.[62] The only way it would work is if the oldest son, “Jack” (born ca. 1801 age 19 in 1820) and two of the daughters were not in the household. Oldest daughter Catherine married David Logan. David and Catherine were living in Cumberland County, KY in 1830[63]. Grandfather Joseph Sr. and Uncle Henry are living not far away. David and Catherine’s oldest daughter is age 5 – 9. So, they could have married as early as 1820 and she would not be with her family in Alabama. David and Catherine moved to Walker Co. AL about 1849.[64] The next oldest is Martha “Patsy” Rutledge who was born in Kentucky circa 1803. She married 19 Sep 1822 in Jefferson Co. Alabama [65] so that would put her at home but then there would be 3 daughters, Patsy, 17; Mary 13; and Elizabeth 1. The 1820 Joseph (pg. 13) lists only 2 females under 21. It would fit if they did not count Elizabeth since she was a baby, or her birthday is miscalculated on the 1850 Walker Co. AL by a year.[66] With daughter, Patsy marrying in Jefferson Co. in 1822 that definitely puts them there by then. Walker Co. AL was formed out of Jefferson Co. in 1823 so Joseph Jr. may have never moved.

The Joseph Rutledge that was commissioned to be Justice of the Peace in 1818 in Limestone Co. this writer does not believe is ours. [67] Our Joseph was still in Kentucky in 1819 as he was paid to furnish a sow and for attending the estate sale of his father-in-law in Casey Co. KY. Winnie’s sister, Dicey Bell was paid for furnishing the whiskey for the 3 days of the sale. They must have had a barbeque and a “gay ole time”.[68] Since it is only three counties away, he could have traveled from Cumberland Co. KY to Casey Co. KY for the estate sale. It is 67 miles from present day county seats of each county. That is a three-day trip riding horseback.

Digressing for one humorous story, is that in 1795, Winnie’s grandmother, Diana Joslin, wife of John Joslin, Sr. was pronounced an “Idiot” by a jury in a court case in Lincoln Co. KY. It seems there was testimony that she had been this way for 25 years but not from birth. They also concluded that it was “spiritous liquors that had caused her to become an “idiot”.

Joseph Rutledge, Jr. and Winnie Joslin had the following known children:

John “Jack” Rutledge – born ca 1801 – Kentucky – married Mary “Polly” Speer [thought to be the John M. Rutledge that lived in Burksville, Cumberland Co.]
Catherine Rutledge – born ca 1802 – Kentucky – married David Logan/Smith
Martha “Patsy” Rutledge – born ca 1803 – Kentucky – married William John Stagg
Mary Rutledge – born ca 1807 – Kentucky – married John Guttery
* William Manley Rutledge – born ca 1810 – Kentucky – married Nancy Ball Lawson
Edmond/Edward Rutledge – born ca 1812 – Kentucky – married Elizabeth Logan
Elizabeth Rutledge – born ca 1819 – Kentucky – married James Daniel Tubbs
James Rutledge – born ca 1825 – born AL.
William Manley and Edmond/Edward Rutledge must have been adventurous souls, as this writer believes that at some point, they traveled the 300 miles back through the State of Tennessee to just across the state line in Cumberland County Kentucky where their grandfather and uncle lived as well as sister, Catherine Logan and brother, John “Jack” Rutledge who married Mary Ann Speers. In those days, young men had to “find their own way” to make a living especially when the family was not prosperous.

This belief is based on the book “History of Walker County: Its towns and its people”. Mr. John M. Dombhart, the author, states the information was taken from Rutledge Family Records.[69] I quote “RUTLEDGE, EDWARD, ……… came to Walker County from Cumberland County, Kentucky, about 1835, accompanied by his wife and one child [the 1850 census depicts 2 children born in Kentucky in 1833 and 1834] and his two brothers, Jack Rutledge and William Rutledge; the long trip having been made on pack horses.[This would have been about the time their grandfather, Joseph Rutledge, Sr., died.] He settled on a farm near Pleasant Grove Church and was one of the Charter members of that church when it was founded in 1842. He was married in Kentucky to Elizbeth Logan, of Cumberland County [Kentucky]…….”

Jack must have returned to Cumberland Co. Kentucky [if he ever left] because he appears on the Cumberland County KY 1850 census. He is thought to be the John M. “Jack” Rutledge that migrated into Collin County, Texas and died there in July 8, 1887. His son, John Knox Polk Rutledge is documented to have been born in 1838 in Cumberland Co. Kentucky.

Edmond/Edward and William Manley got “itchy” feet again and they both show up on the 1840 Yalobusha Mississippi census.[70] This is born out as one of Edmond’s children, Alfred, was born in Mississippi in 1840 according to the 1850 Walker Co. AL US census.[71]

Another scenario is that Joseph and Winnie, with the entire family, returned to the Cumberland County, Kentucky area. They did not appear on the 1830 Alabama U. S. census. A Joseph Rutledge, with children of the right ages, appears on the 1830 Overton Co. TN US Census living very close to Benjamin Speer, Sr. [72] Overton Co. TN is directly adjacent to Cumberland Co. KY just south of the line between those states. The erroneous Walker line that was surveyed in 1790 by Virginia surveyors runs along that state line. It was corrected in 1819 but many of these residents did not know in which state they lived.

Joseph Rutledge, Jr. was one of the Charter Members of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church I Walker Co. AL in 1845. The Minutes of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church records indicate that a meeting held 14 July 1845, Catherine [Logan] Smith was a charter member of the church. Her Father Joseph Rutledge and brother Edmon Rutledge, were also charter members.[73]

There is a modern-day tombstone for Winnie Joslin in Walker Co. AL which states she died in 1845.[74] Joseph Rutledge appears on the 1860 Walker Co. AL Mortality Schedule which states he died in August (1859).

Proof of connection to father: Joseph Rutledge Sr. of NC and Clark and Cumberland County, KY.

Joseph Jr.’s appearing on the Clark Co. KY Tax Lists along with Joseph Sr.; John and Henry (who are proved to be sons of Joseph Sr. through the divorce proceedings], his mother’s cousin, Richard Speer signing his marriage bond lends credence that Joseph Jr. is indeed, the son of Joseph Rutledge Sr. and Elizabeth Speer. The most definitive proof is the YDNA111 test of John Duane Rutledge of Oregon. John has meticulously [with primary documents] traced his ancestors back to our shared ancestor, Joseph Rutledge, Sr. through his son John, brother of Joseph Rutledge, Jr. He appears exactly where he should on the genetic testing with this author’s other known documented male cousins.[75]

WILLIAM MANLEY RUTLEDGE – born ca 1810 in Kentucky – died Walker Co. AL – 2nd Great-Grandfather

Most of William Manley Rutledge’s younger life has been stated in the previous sections of this article. William Manley Rutledge married Nancy Ball Lawson, born April 1816,[76] in Walker Co. AL ca 1835. She was the daughter of John Lawson and Sarah H. [most likely Hitt] Ball.[77]

William and Nancy had the following children:[78]

* John Joslin Rutledge – born 24 Aug 1836 -Walker Co. AL – married Mary Margaret Norris [daughter of John Norris and Elizabeth Musgrove].
Luis Rutledge – born ca 1839 – Alabama – married Mary Ann Norris
Samuel R. Rutledge – born ca 1841 – Alabama – married Margaret Jane Nelson
Sarah E. Rutledge – born ca 1844 – Walker Co. AL – married Isham Botener Feltman
James Daniel Rutledge – born 12 Feb 1846 – Walker Co. AL – married Mary Jane Files
William Levi Rutledge – born ca 1850 – AL – married Nancy Jane Hughes
Martha Ann Rutledge – born 25 Sep 1852 – AL – married James Knox Polk Manasco
Robert Allen Rutledge – born 30 Oct 1856 – AL – married Lourena Elizabeth Wright
“A family story is that William and his wife, Nancy, rode horseback to the Meridith Phillips General store, where Joe Smallwood, a bushwhacker, had been drinking. He insisted that William Rutledge drink with him, which he refused to do; whereupon Smallwood struck William Rutledge a very heavy blow with brass “knucks” just below the shoulder blade. William and Nancy rode away a short distance. A little later he fell off his horse, dead. Family history also tells us that William Rutledge, third son of Joseph Rutledge Jr., volunteered in 1861, and he joined the first company raised for the confederate army from Walker County, Alabama. He was six feet tall and had straight black hair. He was a farmer and a member of the Baptist church, not as devout as his father, Joseph. He was a very quiet and civil person. He often worked at rail-splitting, and he was very industrious.” [79]

William Manley Rutledge is buried in the Files Cemetery in Walker Co. AL. His tombstone reads: W. M. Rutledge, Born 1809, Died 1866, Father of J. J. Rutledge, Age 57. [80]

According to family tradition, Nancy had red hair; thus, the many redheads among her descendants. To quote Carl Lawson[81] “There is a difference of opinion as to the maiden name of Nancy Rutledge. Some members indicate she was the illegitimate child of Sarah and a man named Ball and went by the name of Lawson. However, others indicate she was the daughter of John and Sarah Lawson and Sarah’s last name was Ball.” After further research, this author would like to offer her theory.

Nancy’s mother, Sarah H. (Hitt?)[82] Ball Lawson was from South Carolina. A James Ball and a Sarah Ball, who were members of the Bethabara Baptist Church where most of the Laurens County, SC Ball and Hitt families belonged, were dismissed from membership in October 1808.[83] Henry Hitt was the pastor of that church. James Ball is in the Mississippi Territory (Alabama) by 1809.[84] On an abstract of Settlers and intruders on Cherokee Indian Lands 1801-1816, James does not appear unless he is the I. (J.) Ball along with Mr. Lewis Ball that does.[85] But James is a signer on the 1810 Petition to the President and Congress by intruders on Chickasaw Land[86]. Nancy’s birthdate is supposedly 03 April 1816, born in St. Clair Co. AL. If this be true, she was born 7 months before the marriage of John Lawson and Sarah H. Ball. The date came from her grandson who wrote her obit so it could very easily be off by a year or two. Nancy, herself or her son, J. J. Rutledge stated that she was born April 1816 on the 1900 census[87]. I assume if I am DNA kin to Lawsons that are not Rutledges then Nancy would be the daughter of John Lawson. If not, it is a possibility that Nancy is the daughter of James Ball. James’ wife was named Sarah and he appears in the same area of Mississippi Territory (Madison Co. AL) where Sarah H. Ball and John Lawson applied for a marriage license 26 Nov 1816. Sarah H. was age 24 (rather old for the time period) when she married John Lawson. It is very feasible she was the widow of James Ball. Just to add a little more credence to my theory, in Carl Lawson’s reported interview with the great-granddaughter of William and Nancy Lawson Rutledge,[88] she offered the information without prompting that Nancy had told her mother, Selia, (Nancy’s granddaughter) that she was the daughter of Sarah and a man named Ball. She went on further to say Sarah’s maiden name was Nelson but further research seems to discount that part of the story.

Nancy Ball Lawson Rutledge died at the home of her son, John Joslin Rutledge. From the Terrell Daily Transcript Terrell, Kaufman Co. TX Wednesday, 27 June 1900: “Mrs. Nancy Rutledge, Mother of Rev. J. J. Rutledge and grandmother of Commissioner J. M. Rutledge died at the home of her son in this city today at 12:00. The burial will take place at Elmo tomorrow.”

Connection to next generation: 27 Jun 1900 newspaper obit of Nancy; 1900 Kaufman Co. census where Nancy is living in the household of J. J. Rutledge and named as his mother; tombstone of W. M. Rutledge, Walker Co. AL, stating father of J. J. Rutledge. There is also a deed executed 03 Oct 1853 signed by William and Nancy Rutledge – Grantor William Rutledge of Walker Co Al – Grantee Robert Boshell.[89] Proving the connection of William Manley Rutledge as father to John Joslin (J.J.) Rutledge opens the door to primary proof that connects William Manley Rutledge to his father, Joseph Rutledge, II or Jr.

About twenty years ago, Marion P. Cottingame[90], sent me a copy of the pages of the Bible Concordance of the Rev. John Joslin Rutledge, his great grandfather. The Concordance contained a wealth of information such as Births of himself, his wife and children, Deaths, Marriages & Miscellaneous which included: “Granfather (sic) Joseph Rutledge & {Gramma Winnie Rutledge whose maiden name was Joslin} was borned (sic)and raised in South Carolina[91], John Norris & Elizabeth Norris {whose maiden name was Musgrove} , Father & Mother of M.M. Norris was raised in Tennessee. J. J. Rutledge.”


John Joslin Rutledge was born in Walker Co. AL on 24 Aug 1836. At the age of 22 he married Mary Margaret Norris on 03 May 1858 in Walker Co. AL[92], who was born 01 Jul 1841 in Tennessee[93], daughter of John Norris[94] and Elizabeth Musgrove. He was converted and joined the Missionary Baptist Church at Pleasant Grove, Walker Co. AL in 1855. He was ordained to preach the Gospel at Beach Grove, Walker Co. 1868. He was made a Master Mason in Walker Co. in 1866.

Before he was ordained along came the Civil War or “The War Between the States”. J. J. Rutledge was signed up in Jasper, Walker Co. AL for the 3 years or the duration of the War by Major W. A. Hewlett on 06 Sept 1862. He was made a 3rd Sergeant in Co. A 13 Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers. He was soon a Sergeant. Sometime between then and Oct 31 he was present for muster roll but was sick in camp. On the 20th day of Jan 1863 in Columbus Mississippi, Sergeant J. J. Rutledge of Capt. A.J. Guthrie’s Co. A 13 Batt Alabama Partisan Rangers was tried for desertion. [He and William Norris went home without leave and were arrested there.] It is an interesting trial. He represented himself and questioned the witnesses for the prosecution. The verdict Not Guilty of the Charge of Desertion but Guilty of Absence without Leave. The sentence was “owing to the protracted confinement of the prisoner [he had been confined to the GuardHouse], the Court is of the opinion that he has already been sufficiently punished and do therefore acquit him. Later becoming a Baptist preacher, I guess he was convincing and talked his way out of the Desertion charge. He maintained his Sergeant rank and in June 1863, his company was transferred to Co. H, 22 (Barteau’s) Tennessee Cavalry. He was present for muster roll in May & June 1863, but went AWOL on August 14, 1863, but by Sept 1863 was back present. [He seemed to walk to his “own drummer”.] Over this he was “busted” to a private. His company consolidated with Co. C 56 Alabama Partisan Rangers. On 21 June 1864, nearly a year before the War ended, he appears on the “Roll of Rebel Deserters who have taken the Oath of Amnesty (or Oath of Allegiance). The records stated his residence was Walker Co. AL; that his complexion was Fair; Hair, Light; Eyes, Hazel; Height 5’ 8”. [95] He named a son Virgil Grant Rutledge in 1866. No Southern sympathizer would have done that.

In 1874, along with his mother, Nancy and younger brother, Robert and mother-in-law, Elizabeth Musgrove Norris, the J. J. Rutledge family migrated to Lee County Mississippi. In 1884, along with numerous other families, the J. J. Rutledge family came by train from Tupelo Mississippi to Terrell, Kaufman County, TX.[96] Rev. Rutledge became a prosperous landowner and a revered Baptist minister. Considering the political climate of the times, it is doubtful he ever revealed the history of his military service. At least none of his descendants ever knew the story.

Mary Margaret Norris Rutledge died of the flu Monday 26 Jan 1891[97] that rapidly spread through Kaufman Co. TX. Within a small span of time, Rev. J. J. Rutledge had his wife to die and his son John died of blood poisoning two days after his mother. His daughter-in-law, Mattie Harris, wife of his son, Virgil Grant Rutledge, died on 01 Mar 1891, a month later.[98]

At the age of 57, J. J. married a widow named Mary J. Pipkin on 13 Aug 1893[99]. After she passed away[100], the elderly J.J. lived with each of his children for a month at a time. One grandson described him as having a Bible in one hand and a bottle of Rock and Rye whiskey [which was his supposed cough medicine] in the other. He died at the home of his son, J. M. Rutledge. The funeral was held there. His grandsons were his pall bearers. He was laid to rest beside Mary Margaret and close to his beloved mother, Nancy[101].

John Joslin Rutledge and Mary Margaret Norris had the following children:

Jerry Manasco Rutledge – born 03 Aug 1859 – married Annie Lou Harris; 2nd Sallie Buchanan
John William Rutledge – born 1861 – died 1891 – Blood poisoning – never married
Mary Susan Rutledge – born Mar 1863 married Robert Green
Virgil Grant (Virge) Rutledge – Born 16 May 1865 – married Mattie Harris; 2nd Lula Kendrick
Simeon Columbus Rutledge – Born 10 Jun 1868 – married Sue Elizabeth Stuart
* Naomi Elizabeth “Bett” Rutledge – born 13 Mar 1870 – married James Winfield Ables
Melinda Arminta “Mint” Rutledge- born 10 Jun 1872 – married Fielding “Bud” Hill
Nancy Alice Rutledge – born Oct 1875 – married James LeMay
Samuel Luther Rutledge – 15 Jan 1877 – married Maud Wilkes
Margaret Inez “Mug” Rutledge – 01 Jan 1883 – married Lewis Jenson
Connection to the previous Generation: This connection was proved in the previous section and the City of Terrell Death Certificate can be added which states that J. J. Rutledge’s father was W. M. Rutledge and mother was —- Lawson.[102]

NAOMI ELIZABETH “Bett” RUTLEDGE – Grandmother – [AL – Miss – TX] born 13 Mar 1870 – Walker Co. AL

Miss Betty Rutledge and James W. Ables married in Kaufman Co. TX on 03 Mar 1891[103]. She was born in Walker Co. AL on 13 Mar 1870[104] and he was born 22 Dec 1860 at Ables Springs, Kaufman Co. TX. He was ten years older than she. They waited a little over a month after their respective mothers died to marry on 03 Mar 1891. They first lived on the Ables Springs Road where he was a farmer and then built a home at 1001 N. Francis St. in the town of Terrell in 1906 where they lived the rest of their lives.[105] She was a homemaker, wonderful cook, creative seamstress and loving mother. She had been baptized into the Baptist faith by her father but became a lifelong Methodist when she married.

This is an excerpt from a poem written by her niece, Nina Green Copenhaver titled “To Aunt Bett”

“…….. You spent a long and useful life

Of many kindly deeds

So willing were to sacrifice

To help another’s needs.

You nursed the sick and clothed the poor

And loved their trials to share

None hungry ever left your door

When death came you were there……… “

Bett Rutledge Ables and James Winfield Ables had the following children:

Sybil Ables – born 18 Dec 1891– never married
Mary Eliza Ables (Mamie) born 10 Mar 1893 – never married
Maggie Ables – born 10 Jul 1894 – married Layden Louis Stroud
Irene Ables – born 30 Mar 1896 – never married – lived with Mr. Woolett
Baby Boy Ables – born 29 Jan 1898 – died 10 Mar 1898
*Olynthus Terrell Ables – born 13 Oct 1899 – married Ruth Kerr 24 Sep 1919
Louise Ables – born 16 Oct 1901 – married Angus Dickson, Sr.
John White Ables – born 20 Jul 1903 – married Bessie Martin – no children
Lucy Claire Ables – born 28 Oct 1905 – married Ernest E. Johnson
Baby Boy Ables – born 28 Oct 1905 – twin died soon after birth
Sarah Anise Ables – 29 Aug 1912 – married James Alfred Hill
Connection to Previous Generation:

Rev. John J. Rutledge Bible Concordance and TX Death Certificate.

It is appropriate that her TX Death Certificate [which states she is the daughter of J. J. Rutledge and Mary Norris] names her Mrs. J. W. Ables and not her given name. She was a devoted wife. She died on 23 Feb 1936 at 1001 N. Francis almost 66 years old.

James Winfield Ables was born 22 Dec 1860 in Ables Springs and died 08 Feb 1944 in Terrell, TX.[106] His obituary[<107/a>] states “….Certainly none of Kaufman County’s pioneers has left a better record than Mr. Ables. He was very kind by nature and was always a true gentleman in every walk of life….”

OLYNTHUS TERRELL ABLES (TX) – FATHER – Born 13 Oct 1899 – Kaufman Co. TX

6’4” “John Wayne looking” rancher, cattleman, cowboy was married to Ruth Kerr, [the quintessential lady] daughter of George Givens Kerr and Pearl Love Huckaby.[108] They eloped to Wills Point, Van Zandt Co. TX and were married on 24 Sep 1919 by Frank E. Luker, Methodist minister.[109]

He served in WWI in Co. B, 6th Texas Cavalry [when they truly rode horses]. They were stationed in San Antonio to protect the Texas/Mexico border.

Terrell [the name he went by, [but was not named after the town][110] was a participant in many rodeos as a calf roper, but one in particular stands out – the “Hoot Gibson Rodeo”[111] in 1932 at Fair Park in Dallas, TX. He and his brother, John W. were commissioned as Honorary Texas Rangers for the Texas Centennial celebration at Fair Park in 1936. I think because they had “the look”.

In 1936, he took a job in Arkansas as the cattle manager of the 36,000 acres called Twist Plantation. An interesting experience for the family. The family was evacuated during the Mississippi River flood of 1937. The “menfolk” stayed behind. I only saw him cry 3 times. When my older sister died; when his father died and when he had to shoot his horse whose leg was broken.

During WWII, the British Royal Air Force had a training school in Terrell and doing his patriotic bit [he was too old for the Draft] he worked as an airplane dispatcher. He refused to participate in any of the then illegal black-market activities prevalent in the livestock trade. He had worked at a defense plant in Dumas TX a short while before that. Like some of his Rutledge ancestors, he was tolerably fond of good whiskey.

After the War, he returned to the cattle business and either owned or operated cattle auctions. He was the “ring man”[112] and his magnanimous personality came forward. He was known for his brilliant mind and his knowledge of livestock. He was on retainer from a local bank as a livestock appraiser. It was said “he could look into a horse’s mouth and tell you within 30 minutes of when it was born.” He died of a heart attack at the age of 70 on 06 Jan 1970.[113] He had gone out to the barn to feed a baby calf in 16 degree weather. A bad cold snap had come to Kaufman Co. TX.

Mother, Ruth Kerr Ables, was as stated before, “the quintessential” lady. She was 5’1 and a real “Steel Magnolia” and held the family together if hard times came. She was very kind, a wonderful mother and a fantastic southern cook and excellent public speaker. Both parents had a love of history and proud of their heritage. She lived to be 88 years old, dying of cancer of the colon on 14 Jun 1988. [114]

Olynthus Terrell Ables and Ruth Kerr Ables had the following children:

Terrell Ables, Jr. born 19 Aug 1921 – lived only 5 days.
Mary Ruth Ables – born 27 Dec 1922 – died at age 15.
James Givens Ables – born 18 Mar 1925 married Margo Dodd Johnson. (Had 2 children)
George Winfield Ables – born 31 Jan 1927 – lived only 3 days
* Jean Ann Ables-Flatt – born [private] married William Thomas “Bill” Ponder (had 6 children). Later – Horace Perry Flatt.
Joan Hunt – born [private] – married Milton Carroll “Buddy” Hunt (had 7 children)
Proof of Connection to previous generation:

Delayed Birth Certificate of Olynthus Terrell Ables [Affidavit by father, J. W. Ables], TX Death Certificate.[115]


Proof of Connection to previous generation:

TX Birth Certificate

I offer this writing to prove the direct descendancy of Isaac Rutledge, PA down to myself. It was a fun journey down the genealogy path.

Jean Ann Ables-Flatt, Genealogical Research Specialist

Member: Association of Professional Genealogists

03 June 2019.

[1] Isaac Rutledge will probated 30 Aug 1760, Cumberland Co. PA. {return}

[2] This bit of knowledge was passed on to me by the extremely knowledgeable Lloyd Bockstruck, deceased, former director of the Genealogy Department, Dallas Public Library, prolific public speaker and lecturer at numerous national genealogy institutes and seminars. He received many honors and accolades for his work in genealogy research. {return}

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[61] Those females who descend from this Joseph Rutledge qualify for the National Society of United States Daughters of Eighteen Hundred and Twelve as I have been a member since 2000 and those both male and female can qualify through John Joslin, Jr. for Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge as I have been a member since 2002. DAR has John Joslin, Sr. as the soldier but that is incorrect. I wrote a paper which is on the ‘net entitled Joslin, Josling, Jossliing which corrects that error. The book “Valley Forge” by Bob Drury & Tom Clavin documents how important Daniel Morgan’s Riflemen or Sharpshooters was to George Washington. John Joslin was in Morgan’s company. {return}

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[73] On the 2nd Sabbath in Dec 1853, sister C. Smith was excluded from the church for separating herself from her husband. However on Sat before the 2nd Sabbath in July 1854, Catherine [Rutledge Logan] Smith was restored to the Church…..William was a ordained Deacon of the Church 14 July 1845…..There was some difficulties between William Rutledge and his brother-in-law, Vinyard Lawson…In another entry in 1846, William Rutledge and Edmon Rutledge were reported in disorder for fighting…Edmon Rutledge was excluded from the church. Joseph Rutledge was chastised for drinking. They were a pretty rough bunch. “These Records were transcribed from the Original church ledger. James Rutledge gave them to his son George Houston Rutledge who gave them to my Mother; Pearl Rutledge Songer who in turn gave them to me” ( me meaning Bill Songer). {return}

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[86] Between the years 1809 and 1811 federal soldiers from Fort Hampton made numerous forays onto the Chickasaw reservation in order to remove illegal settlers (intruders) and destroy their improvements, including crops, homes, et. Although commonly referred to as the “Simms” Settlement Petition”, numerous of the 450 men and women (intruders) who signed the following document were residing elsewhere within the untreated Chickasaw lands, including Giles County although Simms settlement (on the Elk River in present-day Limestone County, Alabama, just south of Giles) does appear to have been where the settlers’ returned to re-group following the 1809 Intruder Removals. {return}

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